We know what is important and necessary for tourists.

So we know what to do for the tourists , travel agents and hotels.
So our staff has never missed the smile of tourists, agents and hotels.
Contact us for your perfect tour plans in Japan.

Our Inbound Services

We offer complete and hassle free group tour for the tourists who are looking forward to meet “WOW” in historical Japan and hospitality Japan.
Our services include tour bus chartering service, hotel reservation service and arranging service of reasonable and delicious restaurants.
We guarantee you that our staff is efficient, well-trained and always available for consultations and assistance.
Being eager to visit cultural places in Japan like Kyoto, Osaka and one of the most famous attraction tourist spot in Japan; Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, then please don’t hesitate to call or email us, because we would give you the best package tour that you could never have and even imagine.
We are able to offer more experience and more sensation to the visitors than anyone else.

We Support Any Tourism

Tourist needs hotel room in high-season. Hotel room needs tourist in low-season. We lead to a better balance between supply and demand of hotel rooms.
But, how ?
The key to balance is the custom made IT systems which travel agency can easily find and reserve hotel rooms for the tour package. Besides, hotels can easily manage their room’s supply with the best price day by day.
On top of that, our reliable staff is able to respond quickly to any difficulty the tourism encounters.

Our services catalog

・We plan, organize and reserve hotels and restaurants for group tour.
・We arrange chartering a tourist bus.
・We plan and organize a package program of domestic and overseas tour.
・We also plan and organize additional optional tour in your specific destination like, night cruising, shopping and so on.

We give answers to many HOWs?

1. How do we ensure hotel management to someone?
2. How to invite tourists and promote sales.
3. How could we make customers happy with hospitality?
4. How could we overcome a language barrier?

Here are answers.

・We have long experience in hotel business; sales promotion, recruitment, management and hiring operators.
・We continuously make contacts with persons who want to visit and live in Japan.
・We educate and train persons who are going to work in Japan.
・We have temporary staff who speak multiple languages like English, Chinese, Korean and so on.

Good Restaurants for Tourists

It is not an easy job to find an appropriate restaurant in strange cities especially in foreign country.
That is why we offer the service to find and reserve the best suited restaurants. First of all, Our affiliating Tabepark which is the specialized database of restaurants helps to narrow down quickly the restaurants suited to your preference. Then the consultations by phone or mail take place to pick up the best ones to eat and to enjoy.

・We receive and help tourists from travel agencies around the world like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, China and so on. More than 260 agencies contact us for Japan travel.
・We reserve restaurants for you and change reservations made by travel agencies.
・We give advices for the tourists who would like to have a reservation in different kinds or in a specific restaurant.
・TabePark serves as the restaurant retrieve service on the web from anywhere in the world, searching easily variety of restaurants in Japan by ambiance, area, type of foods and prices.

Here is Tabepark URL. Try it.

General planning and producing different kinds of events for tourists

In Nagoya which is one of the biggest cities in Japan, you could experience such things as Night cruising, Industrial tour, Nagoya’s traditional and famous foods.
You could also visit one of the prestigious streets in Nagoya, Osu Street.
These are only some of the examples of package tour theme by affiliated Bus Tour Company.
Wajinjyuku or also called as Japanese Mind Tutorial is one of the things that we would like to share with tourists. It is showing off different kinds of entertainment shows regarding traditional culture in Japan. While watching such shows we also serve you snacks and drinks to enjoy and relax more.
Shopping is one of the most enjoyable experiences when you visit first-ever and new places, either for souvenir or gifts. That’s why we would also show you and tour you to different kinds of shopping district.
We also make plans of workshops depending on tourists needs.
We also promote enjoyable Sports Festivals to encourage tourists to come to Japan.

As property and casualty insurance business agency

We recommend insurances for the companies who are handling tours. The insurances are also dependable for the people who would like to stay in Japan.
Our insurance partner, Aioinisssei is one of the most trusted insurance companies as property and casualty insurance.

When you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We would accommodate you quickly as soon as possible.

Address : Kernel Center 2F, 2-51 Ooaki-cho Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
PHONE: +81 52 308 6857 FAX: +81 52 482 2475
mail: morikawa.keiichi@kernel.co.jp